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May 21 2018

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Reblog every time it hits my Dash

I wish the person who I reblogged this from happiness, good eyebrows, and clear skin.



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I don’t have scale for just how much fucking manure that is

The look of pure, utter bliss on this dude’s face is a blessed image.

reblog to win the lottery so you can dump $200,000 of shit on your ex boss’ lawn


If hating fat people is about hating an unhealthy lifestyle: 

  1. Why do fat people get harassed at the gym, while jogging, or while swimming?
  2. Why are fat people expected to cover up more? Changing what they wear will not make them healthier.
  3. Why are thin people allowed to get away with not exercising and with eating all the pizza and bacon they want? If the problem is the unhealthy lifestyle, why doesn’t that apply to everyone? 

Never mind. I already know the answer.



The shining is barely even a horror movie men just be like that

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I also love how this bill doesn’t follow the ableist agenda that’s been going around lately that demonizes mentally ill people. The bill carefully specifies that the ban is for convicted domestic abusers. Good job Oregon.


Gay kids do not exist to teach homophobic parents the errors of their ways

Stop wishing gay kids on homophobes! 9 times outta 10 it will end in literal child abuse

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age is never a free pass to be a bigot

Your racist grandma can learn better.

“When your only defence of someone’s attitude is ‘oh, they just grew up in a different time!’, all that means is they lived through the past 50 years of social advancement and didn’t learn a damn thing.”

(I can’t remember where I read that, but the sentiment has stuck with me ever since.)




It’s grown men out here fucking stuffed My Little Pony dolls and ruining a children’s cartoon to the point where kids can’t even google it without being assaulted by Rule 34, but sure let’s not judge people for their fandom habits because that’s petty and dramatic. I don’t think y'all realize (or maybe you don’t care) that predators, abusers, and bigots occupy fandom spaces too, and don’t think they not smart enough to couch their sick and disgusting interests in language that makes t sound reasonable and agreeable. This isn’t like some ‘date me mothman’ type shit. Like folks out here really exploring sick ass pedo and incest fantasies via fandom and we supposed to just sit here and let them because y'all don’t wanna cause ‘drama’? Literally shut the fuck up, Susan. Just because you white and literally none of the shitty parts of fandom affect you outside of someone not liking your dumbass ship doesn’t mean the rest of us have to keep quiet when the fandom is anything but fun and safe for us.

I can’t fucking stand that mealy-mouthed fauxgressive ‘ship and let ship’ shit for that reason.

not to mention these people are interacting with minors, telling them its okay to ship something that’s pedophilic, grooming a minor into growing into an adult who thinks its okay to ship something where its a 16/17 year old child with a 50 year old man, they actively encourage minors to create content for them and shower them with compliments for creating that material

its fucking gross and EVERYWHERE in fandoms these days.


May 20 2018


Hey, presumption of innocence is fine and all in court cases, but stop using it to tell women they have to give men who have been accused by multiple, verified sources the “benefit of the doubt”.

No we don’t. We don’t have to socially or financially support men who are a threat to us. We don’t owe strange celebrities our loyalty because you think we shouldn’t pass judgement unless there has been a trial and they have been convicted.

Besides the fact that most of these abusers will never face charges let alone a trial, we are allowed to consider their past actions, behaviour and the accusations against them as a reason to not support them.

Stop trying to use the presumption of innocence as a way to guilt women into supporting predators.

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it’s honestly so depressing when people make the ~haha well I bet you only have missionary sex in the dark at 8pm~ ‘argument’ against anyone who criticises bdsm or kink communities, and we’re supposed to view that suggestion as a hilarious extreme. We’ve reached a point where girls are literally being told (by ‘feminists’, no less!) that there’s something embarrassing, uncool, even shameful about having or wanting sex that doesn’t involve pain and degradation, and that attitude has somehow actually come to be seen as progressive for women.

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Congress meets to discuss the epidemic of US school shootings (May 2018)

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Philando Castile was gunned down when he was legally carrying a firearm…

This was at <i>Kent State</i>





if you’re reading this

a lump sum of money is on the way to you

  • it happened today, damn that was like 3 days maybe?

It Works the money is on its way!

Need this.

Of course


hey so just a friendly reminder that your sexuality is your own thing and you don’t owe anyone an explanation ever so keep it private if you want or shout about it from the rooftops but if anyone outs you before you’re ready lemme know so i can kick them in the shins 

May 19 2018

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