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October 05 2017

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#inktober day 4 is some bunnies, for #midautumnfestival! even if you can’t get ahold of any mooncakes, take a look at the moon tonight. 中秋节快乐!

October 03 2017

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the fact that this was written two years ago and it’s still relevant… what does that tell you?


merak-zoran replied to your post: “Hope the endless shrimp is truly endless!”:

I overshot myself and filled up on the biscuits I’m so mad. LOL

The biscuits are really yummy though!

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smooth criminals


Instead of a nuclear war why don’t we just have Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un fist fight in a pit and while they’re busy with that we just bulldoze the pit shut and then we all go and eat waffles.  

Three simple things we all know



1. Mass shootings are a daily occurrence. We only hear about the most “newsworthy” incidents. The Mass Shooting Tracker keeps a log, and it’s horrific to take in.

2. This level of gun violence is completely preventable. We absolutely already know that gun control saves lives, no matter what a politician has told you.

3. The government can’t seriously work on this problem because the National Rifle Association will not allow it.

But we should investigate Planned Parenthood some more.

I posted this on October 1st, 2015.


The severely underestimated emotional labor involved that is imposed on us when we are forced to manage the feelings of *someome else* when you have to explain to them the deep seeded implications behind an action they committed that made **you** personally uncomfortable and/or degraded

October 02 2017


hey uh

why the fuck are anti choicers like this

this isn’t sweet or caring, it’s disgusting, manipulative and creepy. there are tons of kids who need to be adopted, there’s absolutely no good reason to pressure someone who doesn’t want to be pregnant into being pregnant for you.


the deadliest mass shooting in US history was committed by a white american. never forget that.

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South American Leaf Fish (Monocirrhus polyacanthus)

An incredibly-adapted species, this fish is camouflaged to mimic a dead leaf, both in body shape and pattern. It can change colour to match its surroundings and has a projection from its bottom lip that resembles a leaf stalk. When hunting, it stalks its prey in a head-down stance, appearing to drift towards it like a dead leaf drifting in a current. When it strikes at an item of prey the entire mouth protrudes outwards, forming a large tube into which the prey is sucked, usually head first. This happens so quickly it is often difficult to see. It can swallow prey almost as big as itself in this way.

Image source

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A Charlottesville nazi getting flipped off and punched, reblog to bless ur dash

Friendly reminder that


  • bisexual girls who have a boyfriend are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexual girls who’ve never kissed a girl before are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexual girls who are more attracted to boys than to girls are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexual girls who’ve never had a boyfriend/girlfriend before are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexuals are part of the LGBT+ community


I need people to understand that the viral onion article that’s going around has been posted five times over the years, always verbatim except for the name of the city and number of dead.

shout out to all the mentally ill americans who’ll have to sit through days of being scapegoated by the media just to protect a dead white terrorist’s “white man with a gun” privilege

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(ask @spatialheather she told me so)


Even if belief in the concept of white genocide did not require a belief in the superiority and supremacy of white people, which white nationalism does require, it would still require belief in the idea that white people are a coherent biological or cultural category, a concept which does not hold up under scrutiny




Shout Out to all writers on Tumblr. You are an artist with your way with words and imagination. Reblog to make someone’s day

For all my writer friends ❤


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via  godless.glasses

churches, I’m begging you, please run all your sign ideas by a thirteen-year-old

Jesus of Nazareth has been dead for 1,987 slutty, slutty years

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This boy’s mind fell victim to heteronormativity. RIP.

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