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February 07 2018


To all the girls with high standards, don’t lower them in 2018

February 06 2018


You have to learn how to say no without you feeling like you’re being mean. Setting boundaries is how you see who does and doesn’t respect you, your time, or your emotional well-being. Anyone who sees your boundaries and thinks your being mean or tries to push that boundaries is not a person you owe your time or attention.



some guy: uhhh there’s a leaf in your water

person who’s about to invent tea: oh haven’t you heard?


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Let’s hang him

is it just me or does it sound like quentin tarantino has ‘had sex with’ a minor

That’s exactly what it sounds like, dudes don’t talk like that unless they have have, or would

men openly lust after girls who are 12 and up. i have had dozens of men shout “well its not like they’re 7! if they have boobs then its not the same as pedophilia!” or the age old “old enough to bleed” bullshit. This sort of rape and pedophilia is accepted among men (and many women) OPENLY.

Kill the bullshit belief that raping kids with boobs is ok, along with the fucking pedos.


people today with access to more raw information than any other period: the earth is flat

german artilleryman in 1916, who barely washes his own ass: I need to account for the curvature and rotation of the earth when plotting my firing plans

Just found out someone I know is a goddamned flat earther

How ‘Ugly’ Fruits and Vegetables Can Help Solve World Hunger


We’d legit have less food waste if we didn’t have beauty standards for produce. I’m not even kidding.

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Eva Longoria is everything

Yet she can’t even speak Spanish 😂😅😂😅😂

That’s pride alright lmfao

She don’t have to, but don’t talk all that shit if you don’t even learn your own culture #lame

you were saying @dabeatnik???


“When I was growing up, my parents spoke to each other in Spanish, but they didn’t speak to us in Spanish because they were told not to. In school we weren’t allowed to speak it.”

and also???

“… But America is the only country that promotes monolingualism. Here it’s English, English, English. Every other country makes their children learn a second language very early on. So as my political and social activism grew, I was like, ‘I really need to learn Spanish.’ So I did.“ 

idk how many people i’ve known growing up in texas whose parents speak fluent spanish but they don’t speak a lick solely because their parents were afraid or told not to teach their children. it’s unspeakably common and doesn’t in any way shape or form diminish someone’s claim to or pride in their heritage. 

fuck that guy. you go eva. 

lack of intergenerational language exchange is one of the leading causes of language death for endangered and indigenous languages because of this culture of shame attached to “lesser” coded languages so frankly if yr mocking people for not speaking their mother tongue without taking the colonial reasons for this into account, you’re an ignorant prick and you can go fuck yourself like


Stop ignoring anti-semitism rising at terrifying rates. Stop pretending we aren’t in as much danger as other groups when nazi’s are back and in the streets, marching and saying they want to try killing us all again.




girls dont mature faster than boys, girls are punished from an early age for the same behaviour that boys are allowed to indulge in well into adulthood

i actually talked about this with a psych professor and she believes that women/young girls have been pushed into responsibility from young ages for so long that its actually triggered an evolutionary effect where young girls are literally developing mentally early in order to cope with the stress.

Local Girls Literally Evolve To Deal With Patriarchal Bullshit

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Black guy gets killed by police and they remind us of his past mistakes.

White guy rapes a girl and they inform us of his future potential.

Where’s the lie

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14 in 2018……..its still january

Remember: “If its WHITE, its ALLLLLLRIGHT!” -Chris Rock



what is up it’s a new post since i lost traction here’s some updates for 1/21/2018

first update: I GOT A JOB Y’ALL!!!!!! even better, they’re willing to work with me re: my disability so i have high hopes. if i did my math right im gonna be bringing in about $400 a month from it for now which is a huge help but here’s the thing: i don’t know when i’m starting or how long until I get paid once I start. 

second update: i have $150 dollars in a phone bill that i have ten days to pay because ATT fucked me over way back during hurricane irma. i’ve been fighting with them about it because i don’t actually owe this bill since september but they’re refusing to work with me and are threatening to shut me off if i don’t pay it. so right now thats my biggest priority. 

second priority is i need about $200 to cover February’s mortgage so we can have a case in court about the house. i managed to get help for december and January so that crisis is over. also of note, chris still isn’t paying alimony and he wont have to until mom shows up at court, which means i also need help saving for a trip to SC which is about $800 or so. 

hopefully, i’ll be working long enough by the time the hearing is coming i won’t need to much help for it in donations, but i also need at least two tires on my car because one has a nail in it and they’re all down to about 1000 miles left of tread. 

third update: mom has to have surgery. she’s got multiple hernias in her stomach that we’ve been trying to get treated for a good ten years. because she’s had so many abdominal surgeries in the past (she had stage 4 ovarian cancer in 2001) the surgeon said this is a dangerous procedure, that’s gonna take about five hours or more. we have no idea what kind of expenses we’re looking at for that right now. 

so in short: im hoping my job will help out, but i still need some outside assistance for the time being because of my asshole dad not paying alimony. thank you for all the help i’ve gotten and all the kindness people have shown me, it means so much.

anything helps right now, even just a dollar. if you can’t donate, please at least boost this. 

my paypal is here, it has my deadname
my venmo is here, it has my real name. 

hey im cutting this down to update it. i got that phone bill paid thanks to all the help, now the most pressing issue is bc of some expenses like gas & food, we need $250 dollars now so we can make this last mortgage payment. it’s imperative we be able to make this, and if i can just get help with this amount, i can jockey the rest of the monthly bills with what i’ll be getting in paychecks when i start getting paid. my biggest issue and concern like i said is this money for the mortgage. 

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People have got to stop being grateful for a few crumbs that fall off the overstuffed plates of billionaires, and demand what’s right and just. They sold America out, the cash reserves are going to be empty by the time tax season is over. Then they will start dipping into our social security, cutting people off insurance and taking benefits away from the poor, young children, mothers and the elderly, because Republican politicians have no conscience. That’s right, CRUMBS.

Missing Asks!












Okay, maybe not the final answer, but part of the problem! Asks keep getting eaten. Which is a big problem when you’re doing something anon and don’t want to ask the person “did you get it”? 

If the ask contains an ellipsis without a trailing space, it gets eaten. It says delivered, but it goes nowhere.

So “Well… then” will get delivered but “Well…then” won’t!

Hopefully this helps in getting your asks actually delivered.

Post I made for my RP account, but very relevant elsewhere.

After discovering this, I tested it. Five different accounts between two people, anon vs not. No matter what, without fail, if the trailing space was missing, the message was not delivered.

I contacted Tumblr staff. They were already fully aware this was happening, but it is not documented anywhere. Nor do they seem keen on giving their users a warning about it in any fashion.

Help me spread the word because the staff won’t!


Just found out this is a thing :D.. tested it, too.

Might answer some of the questions of why your asks aren’t answered, be aware.

A helpful note for all who send in asks! ^^



What the fried fuck, Tumblr.

Oh my god.


white cis dudes: victimhood is only valid if it happens to me




Women: I want a man who cares about me.

Men: That’s why you single.

Dead fucking ass tho

Lmao all the truth right here


Ok but why is body positivity so focused on telling people that they’re beautiful, rather than telling them that beauty is not the highest achievement for human beings?

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This went in a different direction than I expected :D

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