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Don’t be fooled, men are not worried about being falsely accused of rape.

If they were, they would watch very carefully not to touch a woman who is unwilling and reluctant to be intimate with them.

They would check over, over, and over again before initiating sexual contact.

They wouldn’t dream of pressuring, coercing, intimidating, or tricking an unwilling woman to have sexual relations with them.

They wouldn’t even come close to women who show clear signs of not wanting them around. 

Men aren’t worried at all. 

We should make them worry.

Men aren’t worried about getting falsely accused of rape. But men are worried that they won’t get away with rape anymore. So they make false accusations sound like a real problem in society so that when they are rightly accused, society will scrutinize women so much that men always get off easy on the benefit of the doubt.

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