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It’s grown men out here fucking stuffed My Little Pony dolls and ruining a children’s cartoon to the point where kids can’t even google it without being assaulted by Rule 34, but sure let’s not judge people for their fandom habits because that’s petty and dramatic. I don’t think y'all realize (or maybe you don’t care) that predators, abusers, and bigots occupy fandom spaces too, and don’t think they not smart enough to couch their sick and disgusting interests in language that makes t sound reasonable and agreeable. This isn’t like some ‘date me mothman’ type shit. Like folks out here really exploring sick ass pedo and incest fantasies via fandom and we supposed to just sit here and let them because y'all don’t wanna cause ‘drama’? Literally shut the fuck up, Susan. Just because you white and literally none of the shitty parts of fandom affect you outside of someone not liking your dumbass ship doesn’t mean the rest of us have to keep quiet when the fandom is anything but fun and safe for us.

I can’t fucking stand that mealy-mouthed fauxgressive ‘ship and let ship’ shit for that reason.

not to mention these people are interacting with minors, telling them its okay to ship something that’s pedophilic, grooming a minor into growing into an adult who thinks its okay to ship something where its a 16/17 year old child with a 50 year old man, they actively encourage minors to create content for them and shower them with compliments for creating that material

its fucking gross and EVERYWHERE in fandoms these days.


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