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Seattle’s JuneBaby Named Best New Restaurant at Beard Awards


JuneBaby, a Seattle restaurant focused on the foods of the American South, was named Best New Restaurant on Monday night at the James Beard Foundation’s annual awards ceremony in Chicago.

Its founding chef, Edouardo Jordan, is the first African-American to earn that prize. He also picked up an award for Best Chef in the Northwest for his first restaurant, Salare.


It is the first time a restaurant helmed by an African-American chef has won for best new restaurant; he similarly was the first African-American to make the cover of the annual Food & Wine Best New Chefs publication.

Jordan’s acceptance speech was poignant and polished, paying homage to the many talented black chefs who preceded him.


“I stand in the shadows of chef Patrick Clark, chef Rodney Scott, chef Nina Compton, chef Dolester Miles, chef Marcus Samuelsson, chef Leah Chase, and all the other chefs that never made it to this stage, but they’ve been pounding their knives against the walls and their cutting boards, and we finally cracked through. This is a beautiful time in our industry, that we’re able to capture the beautiful color and pictures that actually have made American cuisine — the food and the history.”

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