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oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no

this is exactly why the pedo community on the internet needs to crash and burn cause you know all of these poor kids are being actively groomed by people who have fooled them into thinking theyre oppressed and thats absolutely fucking terrifying

burn all pedos and their communities. This is disgusting

@ my followers; i have heard a lot of things about this. do not follow or interact with anyone who has the word “MAP” on their profile page, especially if it says they are pro-contact- and especially if you are a minor.

one important thing to add; do not include pedophiles/maps in lgbt spaces. they do not belong there.

stay safe everyone!!!!

What exactly is a map?

map in this context stands for “minor-attracted person,” making it a flowery term for “pedophile”

Oh my god what the fuck that’s disgusting

Thank you for telling me I will be sure to never go near a map ever

I was fooled into this kind of stuff when I was a kid - pedophile support groups posing as LGBT resources. They weasel their “boylove” and “girllove” topics into LGBT spaces to intentionally deceive questioning youth into accepting their predatory bullshit.

It’s had long-lasting effects on my perceptions of sex and relationships. I don’t want any kid to ever go through anything like that, or worse.

It’s an adult responsibility to keep children safe online. Report these blogs when you find them, and if you suspect illegal activity, report that to authorities or websites like CyberTip.


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