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August 27 2017

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They don’t want these jobs, they want easy money 🤷🏾‍♀️

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Artist Uses 100,000 Banned Books To Build A Full-Size Parthenon At Historic Nazi Book Burning Site

Further cool fact that the linked article doesn’t mention: the books will be given away to visitors at the end of the installation, so this is not only displaying works that were banned, but also spreading them among a new audience.



Hey if anyone wants to donate to my cash.me or PayPal so I can afford to put my dog up with a proper sitter while I go to this conference for my job next week that would be great. Just need about $100. Thanks y'all!

PayPal: terpsichorean
Cash.me $terpsikhore

August 26 2017

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At the root, Autism Warrior Parents are those who, for whatever reason, refuse to accept their autistic child’s actual reality and needs, and instead put their energies into absolute change or control of that child.
AWP insistence on battling rather than comprehending autism derails both autism conversations and autistic lives. When AWPs focus on the “difficulty” of their children’s behaviors rather than on the reasons for those behaviors (usually sensory or processing triggers common to autistic people of all abilities), they reinforce unhelpful assumptions that autism is a mystery, and a horrible parental burden. The reality is that autistic people, like anyone else with a disability, function best when given appropriate accommodations.
How ‘Autism Warrior Parents’ Harm Autistic Kids – The Establishment (via brutereason)
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Nature Is So Cruel






 rnoachi replied to your link “Handbook for Mortals’ Pulled From ‘New York Times’ YA Best-seller…”

What’s going on omfg

LMAOOO. All right Ima try and explain this succinctly as possible. Basically this random-ass ‘young adult’ book, ‘Handbook for Mortals,’ hit the NYT Bestseller List on the #1 Spot for the Hardcover Young Adult Category this morning. Only problem is that literally NO ONE had ever heard of this book before, like nada marketing, publicity, etc. Zilch. It was supposedly published by a company, GeekNation who only announced their publishing arm back in July. 

To hit the Bestseller list, the book would have had to sold at least 5,000~ copies within the first week, but a few people were quick to point out a major discrepancy where the book was literally out of stock everywhere in all major retailers, like legit you couldn’t find it on B&N, Amazon, and so on.  

YA Twitter basically crowd-sourced an investigation where a few anonymous booksellers revealed that they had gotten calls first asking if they were NYT-reporting bookstores, and then received bulk orders of the book but not caring when the books arrived. Soooo essentially what happened was that this book scammed it’s way on to the top of the NYT Bestseller List by figuring out which bookstores reported sales to the NYT (to determine what hits the bestsellers list, the NYT’s methodology takes a sample from various bookstores, and this supposedly changes every week). They then ordered thousands of copies of the book from those stores and only those stores - and by doing so, this was all a scheme in the hopes of driving the book to the top of the bestseller list. 

The main impetus for hitting the bestseller list was for getting a better chance to have a movie adaptation of the book made with a label like ‘#1 NYT Bestselling Book!’ which would have made it more appealing to potential investors. Butttt all of this was discovered and the NYT sent out a revision where they removed the book on the list a few hours ago. 

Someone also compared an excerpt of the book to an excerpt from ‘My Immortal,’ so now there’s a conspiracy theory that the author, Lani Sarem, is actually the author behind that fanfic. She’s also a former music manager who worked with bands like Blues Traveler, and the official Blues Traveler account weighed in and claimed that she was fired for ‘pulling these kind of stunts.’ 

And IN ADDITION to all this craziness, you had the bizarre emergence of random early-2000s celebrities linked to all of this - Lani is apparently JC Chasez’s (from N Sync) cousin who promoted the book on his twitter, and the co-founder of GeekNation (the publishing company behind this book) is Clare Kramer, who portrayed Glory on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and actor Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie, Rookie of the Year) was allegedly involved and planning to star in an eventual movie adaptation.

So, yeah that’s what happened in the last 12 hours of YA Twitter lol. 

This is the wildest thing and I love every minute of it.

#also let me be super fuckin real with you here #if we discover that ‘my immortal’ was written by jc chasez’s cousin #i will immediately expire and ASCEND TO A HIGHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE (via @actualvampireang)

This doesn’t even cover half the craziness. Some of my other favorite parts:

- The cover wasn’t even revealed until the beginning of August

- The ONLY chatter on Twitter before this was a little blog tour they’d put together, but nothing else

- The distribution company behind this is the same people who distributed Milo Yadablahblah

- Whoever was behind this knew August was the best time to push a book onto the list (as opposed to September, which is bananas)

- Whoever was behind this knew the EXACTLY how many books to order form each store (the number that alerts NYT to start giving you a hard time is like 80 books at indies, so they went around and ordered 79 each.)

- But they were dumb enough to wildly over-order (they ordered over 18,000, over double what it would’ve taken)

- Also dumb enough to straight-up tell the booksellers “This is for an event but it’s okay if it doesn’t arrive”

- The book only has ONE blurb. One. 

- No trade reviews. No blurbs from other authors within the community

- The ONE blurb is from an “international bestselling author”

- No. She’s a self-pub romance author who’s besties with LS

- You find all that out in the foreword (who puts a foreword on a YA novel???)

- Also the main character is 25 and there isn’t a single teen in this supposed YA novel

- Also also the cover may have been plagiarized

- Also also also the book knocked The Hate U Give to #2 and Everything, Everything off the list entirely, so people were maaaaaaaad

- And finally, when confronted with all this, the author tried to pull a “#KeepYAKind uwu” in her response to PW.

White women can literally scam/lie/brown nose/cry/beg/bully their way into any fucking thing I’m screaming






Parents should not be reading your journals

Parents should not be searching through your trash 

Parents should not be snooping on your private social media messages 

Parents should not be taking your bedroom door off 

Parents should not be invading your privacy 

reblogging this because when they go through my phone and find my tumblr they’ll see this

As an actual mom, I approve this message. If your parents say it’s a normal part of parenting, no. No it’s not. They are wrong.

The surest fucking way to make your children secretive and unwilling to confide in you is to constantly pry into their inner lives.

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“White Noise”
Oil on canvas

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“Jessie Colter writes:

So this post is really hard for me to make, but I feel I must be brave. Not only for myself but for others like myself. This morning I was assaulted by a client. Actually it was two men claiming to want my services. It’s no secret I’m a sex worker. I won’t go into details. But I managed to fight them both off and escape pretty much unscathed. I’m still shook up. I’ve reported the incident. Just know I’m safe and I’m ok. As for my sex worker friends. There is a white supremacist rally this weekend here in SF. Please be cautious and do what you must to insure your safety. I’m very lucky it wasn’t any worse than it was. I’m a big guy but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to these situations. You have to be careful, lesson learned. I guess they didn’t expect this queer to be able to fight back.”

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“So many people ignore their grandpa as he complains about “foreigners” at the dinner table, or their best friend from high school ranting about Black Lives Matter on Facebook, because they can go to sleep at night with a comfortable thought:

At least I don’t believe that. At least I’m not like them. 

White people can disagree with the racist comments of certain friends. And they can feel good about themselves for having so-called liberal, accepting opinions. But then… what? What actually changes? How do their politics actually help anyone?  Perhaps the most insidious thing about casual racism is that there is nothing actually casual about it. When it goes unchecked, it only gets worse.

The problem with continuing to be friends with people who hold racist beliefs, however benign they may seem, isn’t the actual friendship itself. It’s human to want to remain close to someone who you love, someone who has perhaps been in your life for a very long time. The problem is the silence. Silence is complicity. That’s something every white person who feels that they are against racism should consider whenever a friend or family member says something racist and they don’t challenge it. If you’re really against racism, if you really cared enough about stopping the spread of racism, how can you be complacent?”



Where were all the people that care about “history” so much when Holocaust museums were being vandalized?

Where were all the people that care about monuments when black and Jewish cemetaries were being defaced with swastikas and graves knocked over?

Where were all the people saying we “need to come together” after synagogues, mosques, and black churches are vandalized or burned down or shot up?

Y'all only ever seem to care when it is white racist statues.

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my utopia

The drag queen from this photo has spoken up about the photo.

I won’t speak for all liberals, but I’d like to see a future where it isn’t a big deal for a woman in full modesty garb to sit next to a drag queen in NYC. It’s become a bit of a sensation, but her and I were just existing. The freedom to simply be yourself in a sea of people who aren’t like you is a freedom we all deserve.

The central irony is that this isn’t some hypothetical future–it’s just present day reality. This is a picture of two ordinary people going about their normal lives despite how haters want to politicize it lmao. So the underlying message is not “future liberals want” it’s “people conservatives want to eradicate”

the underlying message is not “future liberals want” it’s “people conservatives want to eradicate”


taylor swift trying to figure out how to incorporate entry-level feminist rhetoric into her lyrics without alienating her right-wing fanbase who make up half her sales and also trying to figure out how to merge her innocent and virginal country-pop white girl image with the instagram baddie aesthetic she’s trying to steal from black and brown women

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Omgosh I met this sweetest lil bratty today

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fix it Jesus



i can’t believe people will insist that genitals = gender while still being so quick to assign genders to things including but not limited to: robots, candy, umbrellas, and geological features.  why are you more willing to call an m&m female than you are a trans woman

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August 07 2017

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this is the 2016 apology post. reblog in 45 seconds and 2016 will apologize to you in the form of money.

not risking it.

Not even scrolling past it

I deserve an apology smh

i was gonna scroll past once i saw 2016 but then i read it lol

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